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Choosing Between Aluminium Windows and Wooden Windows

Feb 21, 2020
Choosing Between Aluminium Windows and Wooden WindowsWhen it’s time to select new window frames for your home, you’ll find that you have an increasingly wide range of options to evaluate. The two most popular today are wooden window frames and aluminium window frames. At West Country Windows we’re often asked about the advantages and disadvantages of both. To attempt to bring some clarity to your decision-making process, we’ve put together a brief recap on the advantages and disadvantages of both types of frames. If you would like to discuss the matter in more depth, give us a call today!

Why you might opt for wooden windows
● Insulating quality. Wood is a poor conductor of heat. This means that wooden frames are an effective means of forming an additional layer of insulation to your house.
● Visual appeal. Wooden frames are more homely than aluminum frames. Many consumers prefer them for the aesthetic in situations where metal doesn’t quite ‘work’ for the setting.
● Longevity. Historically many homeowners found that, if they are adequately maintained, wooden window frames will last for decades. Therefore they represent fantastic value over time.
Conversely, the disadvantages are: higher maintenance, relatively high cost compared to alternatives, regular inspections needed.

Why you might opt for aluminium windows
● Customisation. If you have windows characterised by unique and distinctive shapes, aluminium is ideal. It’s very light and adaptable, so it can be shaped for the perfect fit.
● Easy maintenance. Aluminium window frames are simple to look after and should last for many years from the installation date. They are strong and dependable.
● Affordable pricing. Aluminium windows are typically far cheaper than wooden varieties, so if you’re stuck with a limited budget, aluminium could be the most cost effective option.

Conversely, the disadvantages are: relatively poor insulation and higher heating costs, a more industrial look, not maintenance-free.

Hopefully that helps to establish a rough idea of the pluses and drawbacks. Bear in mind that a lot of the highly publicised disadvantages for both are now slightly out-of-date and over-exaggerated in the light of new technologies that have gone a long way to enhancing the properties of these materials for use in the windows industry. For example, maintenance requirements and thermal qualities have been greatly improved all around. So to get the lowdown on the current specs and the most optimal likely solution for your home, you should really get in touch with us to explore further.

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